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Girls Night Out IV Therapy

Mobile, Fast, Effective Hangover Relief

Are you constantly paying the price for the decisions that you make the night before? At night you have all the fun and the next day you are left not feeling your best. We are here to help you fight back.

Don’t wait until you feel terrible in the morning. Start your night off right by hydrating your body with the vitamins it needs. Our special Girls Night Out treatment is great for pre-grame and the morning after, it is a quick and effective method to reduce hangover symptoms like dehydration, nausea, headache, upset stomach and more. Our treatment can help rehydrate your body, flush out toxins, restore nutrients lost.

Always VIP- In Room Service 24/7. There is a physician or nurse on call that will approve treatments, as well as make recommendations based on his assessment.

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Awana Spa is the first of its kind, complete with personalized treatments, immersive facilities and approachable wellness offerings. The modern, yet warm space draws upon the principles of the golden ratio with rounded rooms, curved walls and highly thought out designs to promote a transformative and holistic experience. Guests can choose from a variety of treatments inspired by European and Eastern rituals with a unique social approach.

A unique offering of the spa includes a Sauna-Meister-led journey that enhances your visit as they direct hot and scented steam towards you through the rhythmical movements of a towel.

9am – 6pm – Daily

World of Wellness - 60 minute Massage

  • Champagne Toast included
  • One Complimentary upgrade included (choose between: aromatherapy, Theragun or Knesko eye mask)
  • Gratuity included

A uniquely customized fusion of worldly techniques and modalities to ease the physical tension and stress of body aches, pains, and fatigue. Allow our experienced bodyworkers to individualize the blending of healing traditions to ensure a truly therapeutic experience.

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Fountain of Youth Passport - 3 hours - Facilities pass

  • Champagne included

Tales of the elusive Fountain of Youth have been recounted for thousands of years. The mythical spring restores the youth of anyone to bathe in its curative, age reversing waters. Immerse yourself in the healing waters of AWANA’s 6 different vitality pools, heated Crystal laconium room, tepidarium chairs, vapor-filled steam rooms, cool mist showers and the experiential Rain Walk. Each passport includes 3 hours in a journey of youthful exploration. Fountain of Youth passport included with any spa treatment 60 minutes or longer. Lockers, robes and sandals provided.

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