Las Vegas Dos & Don’ts: Dressing for Winter

Las Vegas is known as one of the top vacation destinations for people around the world with more than 300 days of sunshine. But sunshine doesn’t always equal shorts and flip-flop weather. Many newcomers arriving between December & April expect weather warm enough to lay-out by the pool. Those people arrive to a rude awakening, freezing temperatures. Fortunately, Vegas Girls Night Out is here for you! Check out the Dos & Don’ts of how to dress during winter in Vegas.

Day-Time Dos & Don’ts

  • Dress in Layers – The arid landscape of the Las Vegas Valley is prone to double-digit temperature changes with the sun warming you up and the shade making you cold. A good combo is wearing leggings, a cute top and a sweater over it to keep yourself warm yet stylish. We also suggest wearing a scarf and bring some gloves just in case.
  • Leave the Flip-Flops at Home – Though it might be tempting to bring flip-flops leave them at home and opt for warmer footwear like a sleek pair of boots that can go from day to night. Don’t forget “The Strip” is approximately five miles from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere & though it looks close it’s not.
  • Bring Your Sunnies – With more than 300 days of sunshine even in the winter, you’re going to need a pretty set of shades to make it through the day.
  • Drink Up Warmth – When the temperatures get too cold why not stop by one of Vegas’ many bars and get a Hot Toddy or an Adult Hot Chocolate. If you’re not ready for booze, ordering a hot tea or coffee will do the trick.

 Night-Time Dos & Don’ts

Dressing for Las Vegas weather during the day can be pretty simple, just keep it warm and casual. Night time, however, gets a bit more complicated depending on what you have planned for the evening. If you plan to walk the strip, hang out at a few piano bars or take in a show then comfy and casual will fit right in.

If your plans involve hitting the clubs, comfy, casual & warm aren’t going to cut it. Many Las Vegas Nightclubs have strict dress code policies.

Here are the common “official” dress codes for most Vegas nightclubs Don’ts:

  • No Baggy Jeans
  • No Sports Hats/Beanies (Some exceptions include fedoras & similar hats)
  • No Tennis Shoes
  • No Shoes that are considered too “sports like.”
  • No Shorts (Usually pertains to men)
  • No Cut Offs
  • No Capris
  • No Jerseys

 Most nightclubs expect women to dress in “Stylish Nightlife Attire,” which translated to everyday Vegas language as meaning sexy. They don’t care that it’s 20 degrees out and you’re freezing your nipples off. They want “stylish” woman strutting their stuff around the club. Lucky for you, unlike most cities where you have to walk outside to get inside, nightclubs in Las Vegas are inside casinos, so the freezing portion of your night is drastically cut to the walk from valet or the parking structure to the casino door.

So how do you dress for a Vegas nightclub during winter?

  • Do Wear Heels; They Are a Must – There’s no room for comfy or practical when it comes to getting into a Vegas nightclub. If you think a nice flat or a kitten heel will do the trick; think again. Most Vegas nightclubs will not allow women into a club wearing flats, and kitten heels just won’t do when you go up again a 6-inch heel. We suggest opting for sexy knee-high boot or a stylish heel that will get you noticed during the winter.
  • Vegas Insider Tip – Invest in a pair of Roll-Away shoes such as Rollasole that you can throw in your purse and change into if the heels become too much.
  • Don’t Wear Sleeves or a Coat – As much as we’d love to suggest wearing a long sleeve dress or putting on a coat until you get to the club, that’s just not practical. Take it from us, if you opt for a long sleeve dress, once you’re in the club you’ll be sweating off all that makeup. Not a pretty look. If you decide to opt for a coat, thinking you can just leave it at the door; think again! Most Vegas nightclubs don’t offer coat-check. So, if you decided to wear a coat, know you’ll most likely be carrying it with you all night.
  • Do Get a Table – If you feel you can’t brave the winter cold without sleeves or a coat, we have two alternatives. One, try to find a light cardigan you might be able to stuff in your tiny purse or (and this is our favorite) get a table! Why should I spend the money on a table you ask? Well, not only will you get the VIP treatment with bottle service, but most booths have secret drawers or areas where you can place your coat and purse. Problem solved! You can be warm and enjoy the night without lugging around a coat or sweating off your makeup.
  • Vegas Insider Tip – Vegas Girls Night Out has great package deals that will not only get you into the club but also get you free drinks! Check out our VIP Club Hopper Entry or call us to book a table.

If you still aren’t sure how to dress PopSugar just put out a list of 45 Easy Outfit Ideas you may want to check out:

Don’t forget, we here at Vegas Girls Night Out want to make sure you have the night your life in Las Vegas! So, give us a call at 702.701.7778 and let us help you plan a girl’s night out to remember.

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