Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

You have probably heard the phrases “Dress to impress” and “Dress codes are strictly enforced.” However, what you may think is dressing to impress may not necessarily be what Vegas nightclubs expect you to wear. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you get into the nightclub without any hassles.

  • Wear your heels! Believe it or not, you can’t just walk up to the hottest nightclub in Vegas and expect to get in wearing your prettiest kicks, sandals or even flats. Vegas nightclubs demand you’re dressed to the nines and that means wearing heels. It has become a mandatory part of getting into the club. So if you’re thinking those sparkly sandals or designer brand flats are going to cut it, think again.
Locals Tip: Consider getting a pair of foldable flats such as Rollasole or Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats that tuck away in your purse. If you really can’t bare the thought of wearing high heels all night long, then this is a good solution. Once you’re in the club no one looks at your shoes, so change them out and dance the night away.
  • Think cocktail party attire! Ladies, you can get away with much more than your male counterparts at nightclubs. Most Vegas nightclubs say their dress code is upscale casual. Your favorite LBD (little black dress) is a good place to start. This also means no athletic wear of any kind – flip flops, tennis/gym shoes, shorts, hats, sunglasses, etc. – baggy jeans, jeans with holes in them or chains. We strongly suggest wearing a dress instead of jeans.
  • Men need to look sharp too! For gentlemen, the dress code can be a bit more rigid. Men are encouraged to wear suits, collared shirts, slacks, designer jeans and dress shoes. Again, no athletic wear of any kind (jerseys, baseball hats, etc.).

Ultimately, it is always up to the doorman’s discretion about what’s appropriate for that particular nightclub and no amount of moaning will get you past the door. So if you don’t feel confident that your style will pass the test, plan on playing it safe. For women, that means making sure to wear a nice dress with heels, and for men, sticking to dress shoes, a nice button down shirt and decently fitting jeans.

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