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Ultimate Weekend

The Ultimate Weekend Party Package End of Summer Soirée Pack your bags. Something major is coming soon. Hey everyone, it’s Bri here, and I’m beyond excited to share that VEGAS GIRLS NIGHT OUT is officially hosting an exclusive weekend getaway at Resorts World Las Vegas. For one weekend only, we’re taking over the Strip. So…

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Bachelorette Tips Blog Header

Bachelorette Party Tips

Whether you’re a bride-to-be organizing your bachelorette party or a bridesmaid planning one for your bestie, Vegas is the place to be.

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Vegas Hotels

The Best Las Vegas Hotels. Don’t risk the odds when choosing the best hotel in Sin City.

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Vegas In The Winter

Vegas In The Winter What is there to do in Vegas in the winter? Well, a lot! Las Vegas never passes up an opportunity to have fun. From cooler weather to thrilling wintertime events, Vegas is just as exciting during the chilly months. Sin City doesn’t exactly turn into the North Pole in winter, and…

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Couples Trip to Vegas!

Couples Trip to Vegas! Vegas can be a surprisingly romantic vacation Even though Vegas has a reputation for being a “party till-you-drop” destination, there’s a lot of fun things for couples to do here. Las Vegas has the best shopping, relaxing spas, delicious restaurants, and plenty of exciting entertainment, making it a great place to…

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What To Wear In Vegas In Fall Header

What to Wear in Vegas in Fall

What to Wear in Vegas in Fall Get ready to dress for Fall Vegas-Style Fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Vegas. The harsh summer heat has passed, but you still have plenty of sunshine, daylight hours, and there’s only a slim chance of rain. Your packing list for Vegas…

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The Ultimate Guide To Drinking In Las Vegas Without Breaking The Bank Scaled

The Ultimate Guide to Drinking in Las Vegas Without Breaking the Bank

Get ready to drink the night away – Vegas-Style! The best bars in Vegas range from intimate hideaways to lavish destinations. And when it comes to drinking your way through Sin City, Vegas Girls Night Out has you covered. Our Open Bar Packages will take you to the best drinking spots in the city. We’re…

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What To Wear Dayclub Header

What to Wear to a Dayclub in Vegas

What to Wear to a Dayclub in Vegas? Get ready to dress to impress Vegas-Style Nothing screams summertime in Las Vegas like a quintessential, lavish party at a Vegas Dayclub rubbing elbows with world-class DJs and parting with people from across the globe in the Vegas sun. But what should you wear to a Vegas…

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Vegas strip

Bri’s Top Vegas Tips

Get some tips from Bri for your Ultimate Vegas Trip We know Vegas is world-famous for all the glitz, glamour, and non-stop nightlife. Whether you’re a first-timer or already know your way around the Strip, on every Vegas night out, there’s always something new to be discovered. Not sure how to narrow down all the…

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Most Instagrammable Strip Locations For A Day Shoot Header

Most Instagrammable Strip Locations For A Day Shoot

When you think of Vegas, your mind probably immediately pictures slot machines, glowing neon lights, and partying the night away. But what’s there to do during the day on the Strip? In between the lavish hotels, buzzing casinos, and free-flowing vibes are a trove of Instagram-worthy spots. Every inch of the Strip is so picturesque…

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How to Party in Vegas on a Budget

For a place that’s famous for always being extra, you might be surprised to find that you actually can party in “Sin City” without spending a ton of your hard-earned dough. Partying in Vegas like a high-roller on a low-roller budget is totally doable – but there are a few do’s and don’ts you’ll want…

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